Our little smart generation deserves the best of the best. We believe in freshly prepared food and want our children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We offer tasty and balanced nutrition without ignoring the preference of the children. We cater for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as well as any special dietary requirement and allergies. We ensure that mealtimes are sociable, enjoyable and continued learning process for every child. We believe at mealtime children are more prone to initiate conversation with others and/or may start eating by their own when observing other children.

We offer breakfast at 8.30am, mid-morning snack at 10.30am, lunch at 12.00am, snack at 2.30pm and supper at 4.30 pm: everyday from Monday to Friday.

Our experienced in-house Chef holds a valid Food and Hygiene certificate within our 5-star hygiene rated kitchen. In order to respect every one’s choice of menu and religious observation, Le Nid Childcare will provide only vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, lamb and fish. We endeavor to use primarily ORGANIC ingredients as much as we can.

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Bon Appetit!!!

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