Our Approach


We have adopted every aspect of the learning and development requirements as specified in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage by the Department For Education. We look forward to working in partnership with parents and/or carers, to promote the learning and development of all children in their care, and to ensure they are ready for school. We aim to go an extra mile in each area of the learning and development strategies and requirements.

Qualified and experienced staff delivers the curriculum. Each child will have a dedicated key person who constantly monitors his/her progress in all aspect in view of providing a tailored report to both parents and the management. Where required and necessary there may be one to one session with parents and the Manager to discuss about the child’s progress and agree on appropriate measures.

We have an open door policy which means a parent can contact us or meet us for any additional information that they may need. Our staffs are committed to bridge the gap between the child, the parents and the setting in view of shaping a child’s capabilities and to ensure that the child is in complete care and ready to benefit fully from the opportunities ahead of him.

The learning and development of children encompasses interaction with other children, exploring the world around them, participation in daily indoor and outdoor activities. The layout of Le Nid Childcare enables every child to moves freely across the floor and get involved in group interaction, storytelling, observing and other activities. We have a large stimulating outdoor area to extend the learning of children outside. For those who are already surpassing their development stages, they will be supported to continue to promote their skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the next stage of their life.


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