Our Policies


We understand your concerns that you have as regards to your child. This page is designed to keep you in touch with information about our activities, forthcoming events and a photo gallery.

Our Policies and Procedures
We have Policies and Procedures in every aspect which you are welcome to consult on site at any time. Our staffs are more than happy to discuss any concerns that you may have. We operate an open door policy whereby you can drop in at any time of the day if you wish to talk to the staff.

We issue a quarterly E-Newsletter exclusively to all the parents. We encourage you to subscribe to newsletters to keep you up to date with what we are doing. This includes the following:

  • Recent activities with pictures;
  • News and updates relating to children;
  • Gallery;
  • Forthcoming plans and activities;
  • About our staff;

In the event that you have any complaint, we encourage you to discuss it with the Nursery Manager. We will then investigate the matter and aim to resolve it a soon as possible.

We aim to work in partnership with you. As such feedback becomes a key to ensuring that we both have information regarding the child so that the best care can be given.


The nursery uses Connect Childcare Nursery Management system to foster a stronger relationship with the parents. In addition to daily verbal feedback on your child we also have a ParentZone App. This allows us to create an ongoing dialogue with parents, sharing daily information, and taking account of their own observations of their children which is vital to the creation of a more holistic view of the children’s development.

ParentZone is an easy access communication tool which opens the channels between parents and practitioners to enhance each child’s experience. ParentZone is the smartphone app and secure website which puts a Facebook style timeline of your child’s day in nursery just one tap away.

We have provided this facility to parents as it is not always possible for our practitioners to provide detail feedback at pick up time. Through ParentZone, busy parents can check in and view their child’s daily activities and WOW moments at a time that suits them best.

Parents Meetings
We also hold parent meetings every term whereby you get the opportunity to voice out your opinion and suggestions. We may also arrange one to one session, be it at your place or at the nursery, to discuss about the needs and progress of your child. All your comments and concerns will be taken into consideration and recorded with appropriate follow up.
Our parent’s meetings also end as a networking session where parents get to know their children’s best friends’ parents.

We look forward to welcome your children in our setting.

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